Charter School Application Essay

Currently, only one charter school in New Hampshire has succeeded in getting approval from a local district.

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Currently, there are 28 charter schools operating within New Hampshire.

As of March 2018, there were 3,543 students enrolled in NH charter schools, constituting just under 2% of the state’s total student population.

Charter schools are publicly-funded independent schools and may not charge tuition.

They are considered part of the state school system and are accountable to state and federal authorities for compliance with the terms of their founding contract or charter, which often includes achievement-based standards.

However, critics argue that comparisons of overall test performance are misleading, as charter schools and traditional schools do not have equivalent student populations in terms of learning ability and special needs.

Studies comparing students who ‘won’ charter school lotteries and were enrolled with those who participated in the lottery but did not secure a place are considered a more reliable measure of comparative performance. Department of Education found that on average, charter school performance was neither better or worse than that at traditional schools.

However, no such study has yet been undertaken in New Hampshire. However, the study noted that impact on performance varied greatly between individual charter schools.

Generally increases the state Board of Education's oversight of charter schools, for example to require that charter schools develop a policy for parents to object to course material.

The House amended the bill to instead establish the officer position without a study.

Provides that funding for chartered public school students receiving special education services be paid directly to the school district in which the student resides.


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