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In efforts to develop my career in a new direction, I have invested more time outside the classroom to increase community engagement by building a strong network of relationships to support school programs.

This includes managing multiple stakeholder interests including local businesses, vendors, students, parents, colleagues, the Board, and the school administration.

Getting to know people, jobs, and industries through informational interviews is one of the best ways to do this.

Investing time to gather information from multiple sources will alleviate some fears for you to actually take action and make a change.

Tell your personal story and make it easy for hiring managers to understand the logic behind your career change.

Clearly explaining the reason for your career change will show how thoughtful and informed your decision-making process is of your own transition. This is where you will spend the bulk of your time crafting a clear message.Speak to the mismatch that may be perceived by hiring managers, between the experience shown on your resume and the job posting, to show why your unique strengths make you more qualified than other candidates. What did you do or learn during those periods that would be an asset to the role and company?I have been a high school English and Drama educator for over 7 years.Instead of repeating what’s on your resume, let your personality shine. What are your strengths and personal characteristics that make you suited for the job?As a joyful theater production manager, I am known to be an incredible collaborator.Embarking on a career change, tiny or big, can be paralyzing.Regardless of the reason for your desired career change, you need to be very clear on ‘why’ you are making a change.My work with theater companies have taught me the ability to work with diverse groups of people.The theater environment calls for everyone involved to cooperate and ensure a successful production.Your career exploration can take many forms so setting the foundation by knowing ‘why’ not only helps you develop a well thought out career change cover letter, but can also help you create an elevator pitch, build relationships, tweak your Linked In profile and during interviews.Remember to focus on your transferable skills and use your collective work experience to show how your accomplishments are relevant to the new role.


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