Causes Of The French Revolution Thesis

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In the obsolete practice of feudalism there is no middle class.

The simplicity is beautiful; there are the extravagantly rich and the woefully poor.

With no feudal system, they no longer were much higher up politicly than the commoners.

The next noble atrocity came with Louis XVI making the nobles pay taxes.

All of the sub-factors relate with one-another, but are separate in their own ways.

For centuries, the French noble was well set in society.The price of wine fell by 50%, and therefore the peasants got less money and subsequently poorer.8 The next to fall was grain prices.Combine the fact that grain was scarce in France at the time and there were heavy tariffs for imports, and you get a bad grain economy.In the eighteenth century, the rise of a middle class (bourgeoisie) in France proved to be too much change at one time.The middle class were the wealthy land owners, the lawyers, the scientists, the writers and other such people in society.Politically, the system had to change to accommodate them.The growth of the middle class was originally stimulated by the commercial prosperity of the post 1776 era, and it threatened the traditional established aristocraticy.7 They were getting more power in government, allowed to buy seats in legal standings and generally getting as powerful as the nobles.He found prosperity and security in the old regime, and all he had to do was pay homage to the king, and provide the king with his services.This all came to a gradual stop, however beginning with the loss of the noble's power over their own land at the hands of Louis XIV.1 This was the foundation of the revolte nobiliaire in the fact that it formed a basis of mistrust, and anger for the monarch.2 In that time the feudal system was still being practiced, so social status was based on the amount of land you could attain.This includes the bourgeoisie who fought because of economic difficulties and hope for a better political standing, but the only group that could be partially excluded from this rule are the peasants.The peasants had their own simple, non-deceptive reasons for fighting.


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