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While classmates can help ensure that your essay is an accurate reflection of your personality, they don’t know the specifics of the admission process, since, like you, they are going through it for the first time.Additionally, as with your English teachers, they may not know what the best style for a college essay is versus that of other types of papers and assignments, so be sure to contextualize their advice.

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These people know the culture of the college and what the admissions committee is looking for in a candidate.

Current students may have even responded to the same prompt, and can provide advice unique to that specific essay.

Writing is a skill required in a myriad of subjects, so it is probable that there are other teachers who are familiar with your writing and willing to provide feedback on your essay.

However, you should watch out for English teachers that edit your college essay to be too “academic” in nature.

Remember that your college essay should be tonally and structurally different from most papers you may have written for class, so your teacher may be editing it in accordance with his or her English class guidelines, rather than based on what a college admissions committee might want to see.

Also understand that your teachers are probably not experts on the application process, since their job is to teach English, not spend all their time thinking about admissions.He or she may not always be able to provide the most accurate advice regarding specific schools, especially schools to which students at your school do not typically apply.Additionally, your guidance counselor may be working with many students, so he or she may be unable to provide the kind of attention your essay needs.If he or she knows the particular colleges to which you are applying well, your guidance counselor might be able to provide input as to what specific admission committees want to see in an essay—but it is important to understand that your counselor may not know the ins and outs of the schools to which you applying, to be aware of his or her limitations as an essay reader if that is the case.It is also very possible that your school doesn’t have a strong guidance department, so if that is the case, your counselor may not be the best choice to help you with your essay.While it may not be smart to follow their guidance in all aspects of content, structure, and tone, these figures can help you gauge how well your essay conveys who you are to a reader–and ensuring your essay is a true reflection of your personality is certainly important.Your Guidance Counselor If your school has a good guidance department and has been helpful with other aspects of the process, your guidance counselor may be able to provide valuable advice for your essay.If they applied to college, it was probably a while ago, so they may not know what the process is like now.Additionally, they are among the least objective of the resources you have available.If the schools you are applying to are completely different than the schools your sibling(s) did, you may want to forgo their advice – each school is looking for something different, and advice that works for one may actually work against you for another.Keep in mind that your parents may not be the best resource.


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