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Log In to Your Ingram Spark Account to Purchase from Your Dashboard.If you're publishing books, you’ll need to learn how to market them, too, whether they’re books you’ve authored or books by authors you’re publishing under your imprint.Like your author business name, your logo should reflect the values you want to convey.

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In the United States, it's Bowker; in the UK, it's Nielsen; in the AU, it's Thorpe-Bowker.

United States Ingram Spark Publishers Receive a Special Discount on single ISBNs from Bowker.

You'll need to acquire an ISBN, or several if you plan to publish multiple books.

The You can buy one ISBN, or many, through your country's ISBN provider.

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There is a lot of help out there for first-time authors but be wise inhow you spend your money.Remember, the logo needs to fit on the spine of your books yet still be able to communicate your author brand at a glance, so best not to choose something too intricate.Like your business name, your logo must be completely original; you cannot use an image you don't own. That way you'll be sure not to infringe on anyone's copyrighted image or use one that you shouldn't.As you create your author business, and even if you go on to establish a successful publisher business, be sure to realize that there’s always more to learn and additional information to gain from the industry and those participating in it.Book publishing is a moving and changing industry, and the best businesses are those that are paying attention and adapting right along with it.Ask your neighborhood bookseller or librarian if they offer author programming, and if not, suggest things you and your other author friends would be interested in learning from them and contributing to the community.Beyond your local community, there are conferences and associations you can join to receive current info on publishing trends and network with your fellow publishers.Remember, the name you choose as your publishing imprint will convey your author brand so choose wisely.Your imprint logo won't be as recognizable as the penguin on the spine of Penguin classics or the recognizable house of the Random House imprints, but you should still consider it the face of your author brand.Industrial printing presses weren't cheap, and finding editors, marketers, and distributors was no small feat.Thankfully, the digital age has made it possible to manage your book publishing business more easily and affordably, and many authors are starting companies to self-publish their own books, and some are taking it even further to publish the works of other authors as well. Not everyone gets to the point where they want to turn their publication into a full-fledged business.


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