Bowling For Columbine Essays

the message is hardly about guns, but about social issues.The gun control issue is one of the most debated in the United States.

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That said, the film was not exactly about violence either because at the base of this documentary was the impression that America is just not fair.

Why is it that Canada has guns but the crime rate is lower?

It is not meant to take a fair look at the subject.

Many of Moore’s tactics are questionable, but his logic is mesmerizing.

Moore is the perfect gadfly, his polite almost humorous questions provoke revealing reactions from interviewees.

His goal is not to provide answers or solutions for the issues he raises, but rather expose misconceptions and make the audience ask questions.The first example is when we see the NRA rally held just after the Columbine shootings.Charlton Heston is giving his persuasive and motivating speech, yelling the words, “from my cold dead hands,” while holding a rifle of course.Bowling for Columbine is an attempt to define the social issues that have created America's gun crazed, fear mongering, violent society.The movies centerpiece is the killing spree at Columbine High School, committed by Erik Harris and Dylan Klebold supposedly after they had attended their morning bowling class.This back-and-forth between the two opposing views allows the viewer to see both sides of the situation.We see this same juxtaposition between Charlton Heston’s second rally, in Flint, Michigan, and the principal of the elementary school where the little girl got shot.Sign up to get incisive feedback about your religious motivations and inner life – and help researchers learn more about science, religion, and culture in the process.He uses them by editing parts of the film to marginalize the NRA and gun owners.He sequences the film into a certain position to make the movie more effective and uses music to position the audience to feel a certain way.By carefully placing specific clips either next to each other, or after one another, Moore is able to bring a clear argument to the viewer.


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