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Survey of Mass Communication Studio Television Production Globalization and the Media Gender Roles and Communication Race, Law, and Media Crisis Communication   The ability to persuasively and coherently communicate ideas is among the most important skills sought by employers. Two major programs prepare students for careers in a wide variety of fields, from environmental consulting and research, to law, teaching and business.Latin Love Elegy Advanced Greek: Sophocles' Oedipus Roman History Classical Mythology Culture of Athenian Democracy Art and Archaeology of Homer and Troy Major in Classical Studies - The major in Classical Studies is designed to give mastery in ancient Greek and/or Latin and a knowledge of Greek and Roman history, civilization, and culture.Minor in Ancient Civilization - The interdisciplinary minor in Ancient Civilization focuses on the art, archaeology, history, and culture of the classical world, without the requirement of learning Latin or Greek.Students of Classical Studies read and analyze ancient texts in Greek and Latin and learn about the history and culture of the ancient world.The Classical Studies department offers language and advanced reading courses in Latin and ancient Greek along with a range of courses on ancient cultures.Their experiments are often published in top-ranked scientific journals, and can be presented as a thesis under the auspices of the Honors Program.Introduction to Genomics Biological Chemistry Biochemistry I/II Chemical Biology: Structure and Function   Biochemistry is an interdisciplinary major, administered jointly by the Biology and Chemistry Departments.The Biochemistry program provides students with a broad background in fundamental concepts in both chemistry and biology with a focus on the chemical processes active within living organisms.This major is intended for those interested in the more chemical and molecular aspects of the life sciences.Fine Arts Sales Consultant, Renjeau Galleries Analyst, Barclay's Capital Promotions Assistant, WGBH Corps Member, Teach for America Graduate studies in Art History at New York University, Duke, University of Pennsylvania, Case Western Reserve, and Soethby's Institute of Art Biochemistry Majors take literature-based advanced electives offered both in the Biology and the Chemistry departments.They also have opportunities to engage in undergraduate research projects for academic credit, in the laboratories of extramural funded Biology or Chemistry faculty.


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