Book Report Organizer Middle School

It is through the use of specific teaching strategies and learning tools that students can be more successful learners.

When students are able to remember and assimilate information, they can delve into more critical thinking.

Numerous studies have found graphic organizers to be effective for teaching and learning, and many support the effectiveness of graphic organizers for gifted children and students with special needs.

Often, you will see college level textbooks and corporate instructional materials use graphic organizers.

The visually stimulating nature of graphic organizers draws the learner’s attention.

Graphic organizers are important and effective pedagogical tools for organizing content and ideas and facilitating learners’ comprehension of newly acquired information.

Gardner’s posits that students are better able to learn and internalize information when more than one learning modality is employed in an instructional strategy.

Here are two videos that further discuss the importance of graphic organizers in learning.

These Middle School Junior High Graphic Organizers are great for any classroom.

Creating a strong visual picture, graphic organizers support students by enabling them to literally see connections and relationships between facts, information, and terms.

By integrating text and visual imagery, the graphic organizers actively engage a wide variety of learners, including students with special needs and English language learners.


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