Biology Form 4 Essay Question

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And what happened is that they had discovered when they gave kids just 90 minutes to read and write, a lot of kids were just reading them way too fast, and had no idea what they were actually writing an answer to. Because they recognize that the breath of the AP exam, it covers, as they told me 130% of what any one freshman college class in Biology can cover.

What they do is, by having this broad diversity and more points possible on the Rubric, then the maximum score is, they’re hoping they’ll be able to allow kids say in California who have teachers that focus on thing to be getting points just like the kids in Florida, whose teachers may be covering other stuff that the California teachers aren’t.

Invent enzymes; every molecular process is helped by enzymes so invent one. A lot of times that winds up being the right answer.

Use the end in –ase which means enzyme, and then slap in the name of whatever it is that you want to do in. And even if it isn’t, guess what different scientist will call the exact same thing slightly different names, why?

Sometimes they’ll give you a point just for mentioning things like that.

Because, a lot of kids I’ve seen some essay questions, where 30 to 40% of the people don’t even attempt or answer.You’ve hurt my feelings, you get nothing.” On the other hand, if you say nearly all living creatures use the same 20 amino acids. "You know my work I love you," and they’ll give you a point.Then another point for elaboration because you’re brilliant.They want to give points for those really hard ones so start vomiting up anything that you just go DNA is important, without it you would die because it holds your genetic information. They only give points for being right they don’t take away points for being wrong.If that’s all you know about Genetic engineering, if they are asking some kind of Genetic engineering question, just saying DNA holds genetic information, they might give you a point for it. If you are sitting there and you’re thing maybe this will work just toss it out there.Sometimes I’ve seen Rubrics where they just gave a point for having a diagram so why not add it in. I have my kids take lots of practice essays and they get graded on.When they look at the grading Rubrics, they some times, “Well why didn’t I write that it’s obvious,” like describe the structure of the cell and the various functions of the organelles.Following each question is the markscheme answer which was used to evaluate student answers on the examination paper.[]Ever since elementary school, you’ve been practising taking multiple choice question test. But you really should know by now some basic techniques on how to address these kind of what I like to call multiple guess questions.Then you say as you can see my diagram to the right if you’re going to be talking about DNA for example and you just want to draw the Double Helix?Go ahead and say DNA has a Double Helix shape as you can see in my drawing to the right and maybe label it DNA Double Helix.


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