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On closer examination they are natural allies (Fullan 1993).

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Mastery involves strong initial teacher education and career-long staff development, but when we place it in the perspective of comprehensive change, it is much more than this.

Beyond exposure to new ideas, we have to know where they fit, and we have to become skilled in them, not just like them.

All four capacities of change are intimately interrelated and mutually reinforcing.

The second one—inquiry—indicates that formation and enactment of personal purpose are not static matters but, rather, a perennial quest.

” This sense dissipates, however, as “the inevitable difficulties of teaching ...

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interact with personal issues and vulnerabilities, as well as social pressure and values, to engender a sense of frustration and force a reassessment of the possibilities of the job and the investment one wants to make in it” (1991, p. Certainly calls for reestablishing the moral foundation of teaching are warranted, but increased commitment at the one-to-one and classroom levels alone is a recipe for moral martyrdom.Pascale (1990) captures this precisely: “The essential activity for keeping our paradigm current is persistent questioning. Inquiry is the engine of vitality and self-renewal”(p. Inquiry is necessary for forming and reforming personal purpose.While the latter comes from within, it must be fueled by information and ideas in the environment. Scratch a good teacher and you will find a moral purpose.At the Faculty of Education, University of Toronto, we recently examined why people enter the teaching profession (Stiegelbauer 1992).Moral purpose keeps teachers close to the needs of children and youth; change agentry causes them to develop better strategies for accomplishing their moral goals.Those skilled in change appreciate its volatile character, and they explicitly seek ideas for coping with and influencing change toward some desired ends.Paradoxically, personal purpose is the route to organizational change.When it is diminished, we see in its place group-think and a continual stream of fragmented, surface changes acquired uncritically and easily discarded.New mind-sets arise from mastery as much as the reverse. It has long been known that expertise is central to successful change, so it is surprising how little attention we pay to it beyond one-shot workshops and disconnected training.


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