Basic Algebra Problem Solving

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The word inverse means to turn inside out or upside down—in mathematics an inverse essentially turns a number around on itself.

A typical algebraic equation includes multiple operations.

Sometimes, especially as you get more comfortable with algebra, you'll see a problem and know exactly what to do.

Other times, you'll run headfirst into a problem that takes you by surprise, and you'll wonder how to even begin.

The Distributive Property is one of the most important tools in algebra.

It provides a way to rearrange expressions full of variables, parentheses, and operations, and make complex problems easier to solve.

The Identity Property describes numbers that can be added or multiplied to other numbers without changing the values of those numbers.

Identities allow a term to maintain its identity even after addition or multiplication.

: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again, isn't just a cliché; it's also a good idea.

There will be times when the first approach you try doesn't get anywhere. Think about why one technique didn't work—did it give you an answer, but not the one you needed?


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