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Such research however, is not only concerned with satisfaction but also with dissatisfaction.

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In the early 2010s, the first cadre of baby boomers, born after World War II, turned 65, making them officially senior citizens, and many more are joining their ranks every day.

As part of a randomized controlled trial (RCT), we are evaluating the efficacy of a patient communication intervention—“Speak Up”—compared to a civic engagement-oriented attention control group—“Connect.” During the four-year period of this study, we have noticed a marked increase in patient preparedness and initiatives and an increasingly active group process in which study participants offer advice to one another about speaking up to their primary care physicians and requesting test results and other data about their health status and care needs [7].

Indeed, longitudinal studies of successful aging [8] have revealed important changes in health care consumers’ expectations, involvement in their own health care, and competence in navigating the health care system.

These results suggest that consumer welfare may increase as the baby boom generation begins to retire near the turn of the century.

Thus the retirement of the baby boom generation need not necessarily be a cause of concern.

Older patients of the present and future expect to live more active lives and seek to remain socially engaged, even as they manage chronic illnesses or rehabilitation from disabling health conditions.

This generation of self-determining patients is likely to question established principles of medical care, demanding greater attention to their own definitions of health-related quality of life [13].

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