Assigning Roles In Group Work

Assigning Roles In Group Work-51
You should be positive, and add to (not detract from) the group function as a whole.

Different people with different personalities will adopt different leadership styles – some may be more appropriate than others at any given time.

Leaders may change their style and/or adapt a style that encompasses more than one of the styles listed here: The Autocratic leader takes full control of the group and dictates what will happen – the direction of the group and the steps needed to complete the aims and objectives.

During a book group, students can be assigned roles such as Discussion Director, Predictor, Vocabulary Wizard, Summarizer, etc..

Generic Role: Leadership Your role is to focus on the organization and production of the project content.

Generic Role: Editor Your role is to edit everyone’s work, and ensure there is no repetition.

You are an expert in English language grammar and spelling; you understand and utilize the publishing style required for the project. You understand the language style of the profession you are studying.

You recognize the special roles of other group members, and give them your support.

You willingly participate in the group process and production of content.

You make a list of the project content, and distribute it to participants.

You let the ‘organizer’ take care of things like meeting times and dates, etc.


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