Army Problem Solving

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Consider, instead, the problems you solve and those who care about that solution.

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"The whole exercise's success was demonstrated by the discussion and learning that occurred during and after the AAR's," Hatch said.

Hatch said the best moments were watching the light bulb come on when the team worked through the obstacle.

"I could see the teams develop in the short time we were on the obstacles.

It is a great feeling to see the ‘light come on' when a leadership theory becomes practical and applicable through the exercise," he said.

Beardsley recognized that each obstacle was unique.

"Just because you try and complete an obstacle one way, doesn't mean you try to solve it the same way on a similar obstacle," he said.

Your entire time in uniform was spent navigating solutions to complex challenges.

As you transition, step back from the “what” of your service and focus on the “how” and “why”?

Now consider how you can “translate” this solution to a civilian narrative.

In this example, you could share how your ability to think on your feet, work well under pressure, and enlist the support and endorsement of those who need to follow you, created the opportunity for the bigger mission to be completed.


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