Arguments For And Against Hunting Essay

Arguments For And Against Hunting Essay-8
Fox hunting is a delicate issue that often inspires heated debate from both sides of the argument.

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In this sense, hunting is actually disruptive to the countryside, as it can result in substantial damage to the local area.

Any unfortunate sheep, rabbits or pets that are in the wrong place at the wrong time will inevitably be trampled on, causing further distress. Most hounds are killed some time before they reach old age - usually as soon as they cease to run as fast as the hunters want them to.

In actual fact, foxes are the natural predators of some forms of vermin (like rats), and without them, the countryside would be overrun.

The number of sheep and lambs that they kill is not that many.

Release a pack of hounds into the country hell bent on blood, by definition the owner is just as guilty. Bring all the laws in you want fox hunting will not stop, you cannot police the whole country side.

but there mabee a way for the foxes to fight back, with all the technology we have today, can we come up will an artificial fox with special features, like dressed up to look a smell like a fox inside a battery connected to a inverter, that gives out an small electric shock went touched, the dogs would then think twice before attacking it.Once a chase has begun, the hunters want to run the fox ragged until it dies from exhaustion or is ripped to shreds by the dogs.This usually means following hot on the heels of the fox at all times -even if this means running riot through rural villages or private property.Yet another fox killed by a pack of dogs as posted on facebook.Naturally the huntsman say it was an accident, Correct me if I'm wrong ; If you park a car on top of a hill and release the hand break and it runs down killing someone , then that is cause and effect, releasing the the hand break caused the vehicle to run down the hill and kill someone, then the one who released the hand break is guilty..On the other hand, the anti-hunting protesters have argued for decades about the inhumane conditions encountered by foxes and other hunted animals before they actually die, and that there is no such thing as the 'clean' kill that the pro hunters use to promote their claims.Please note that some of our arguments against fox hunting in the UK are slightly out-of-date now that hunting with dogs has been banned. Although those in favour of hunting insist that foxes are destroying the countryside and slaughtering innocent sheep and lambs, there isn't any reason to hunt them down and destroy them.Hunters often argue that hunting is a traditional part of life in the countryside.This may be true, but that doesn't necessarily make it a good thing.after all nature has diviced many ways to protect itself.the huntsman cat complain about it, he would have to admit he was hunting illegally. A cow being led to slaughter has (hopefully) lived a carefree and happy lifestyle.


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