Argumentative Essay Against Animal Testing

Argumentative Essay Against Animal Testing-4
You may agree that the technology offers breathtaking options or claim that people should not put animals in danger.Either way, you need to develop a good idea for your paper.

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When you are writing about the benefits of animal testing, you can focus your argumentative paper on the following points: In the medical field, the use of animals is considered as a necessity.

This seems a safer way to test the effectiveness of new medication and improved treatment plans.

Drugs in particular can carry significant dangers with their use but animal testing allows researchers to initially gauge the safety of drugs prior to commencing trials on humans.

This means that human harm is reduced and human lives are saved – not simply from avoidance of the dangers of drugs but because the drugs themselves save lives as well as improve the quality of human life.4.

If you are assigned an argumentative essay on animal testing, you have a great opportunity to develop your own argument on this topic.

The task should be interesting for you because there is plenty of evidence of animal testing that you can use to illustrate whatever position you support.

When we experiment on animals, we use a little over 26,000,000 a year.

If you really want to save the animals, then turn vegan.

For more information about the ethics of animal testing on this site, read the following features:1. Medical treatments that have been found as a result of animal testing3. Read around the subject at external sites - here are two very good resources: The BBC education page on animal ethics The Government legislation relating to animal testing "i am against this stupid animal testing cause no matter what it doesnt mean that animals are the same as people there are some people that could be allergic to some kind of meds that were tested on animals"-Cobra ALso im agianst it becuase of how they treat them like its really sad they dont show love or affection there just treated like wild animals ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Look, in one year, we eat up to9,150,000,000 animals if not more.


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