Argumentative Essay About Plastic Surgery

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In addition, new techniques provide a faster restoration after the operations (Santoni-Rugiu, Paolo, 2007).Thirdly, every day people watch the TV set, where the perfect faces are shown.

Up until the 19th century, the development of plastic surgery has been stopped.

In the late 19th century hundreds of articles, that describe a variety of methods of plastic surgery, had already been published.

Plastic surgery and dermatology are experiencing a real boom in Korea today due to the running Korean TV shows, dramas and songs.

Women from neighboring Asian countries, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan rush to Meondong and Kangnam, known in Korea as “areas of beauty”, inspired by the beautiful actors and actresses, whom they see in the production of Korean art and show business (Canning, Andrea, 2009).

In order to fight with it, people should be in the constant process of the trainings and diets.

Plastic surgery offers the better way to lose one or two of the size.

A huge leap was made during and after the World War II.

At that time specialized centers of plastic surgery were opened (Gilman, Sander, 2005).

Secondly, over the past 10 years, the growing popularity of plastic surgery is provided by the scientific breakthrough in most areas of plastic surgery. The customers are introduced with the effectiveness and safety of the modern technologies.

The new methods allow to assure the customer in safety of the operation.


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