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Some, for example, praise it as Christian, while others revile it as nihilistic on exactly the same grounds.The book is generally regarded as the masterpiece of a novelist who is also a respected poet, critic, and professor.The relationship between parent and child is one of the main narrative strands of this novel.

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Truth and corruption are two main themes of this novel and it is through the changes and development in Jack that the readers are able to see that truth is conclusively preferred.

In the earlier chapters, the younger Jack is characteristically incapable of assuming responsibility and cannot understand Cass Mastern's actions. It is in the final chapter that the readers are able to observe how Jack in the present day understands that truth is also tempered by the connections people have with each other. The readers see Willie through Jack's gaze and he is first observed by him in an informal meeting in the back room of Slade's pool hall.

The antagonism between the father and son is a typical, intergenerational conflict that prefigures the individuation of the male child.

In its pages can be traced a multitude of fascinating subjects ranging from politics to religion, from sociology to philosophy.

An immediate query regarding this Pulitzer Prize-winning book usually touches on the relationship of Willie Stark and Huey Long.

Governor of Louisiana from 1928 to 1931, Long led a career that parallels what Warren designs for Stark, and Long presented a similarly powerful and paradoxical personality.He finally understands the spider web theory, which Mastern alludes to, and senses the link between truth and moral welfare. When looking back, Jack thinks of him at this time as Cousin Willie - an innocent but independent man who works as the County Treasurer.He barely ever drinks alcohol and is devoted to his schoolteacher wife, Lucy.A glimpse of such difficulties is observable when Jack visits Ellis in his apartment and Jack's jealousy is revealed as Ellis cares for George.The rivalry and antagonism of the son toward the father are evident and this is emphasized when Jack researches Judge Irwin's past for 'dirt'.The king's men are, in this instance, the supporters and staff of Willie once he is in power.His assassination is his literal end, but his moral downfall prefigures how he is ultimately beyond saving. Discuss the relevance of the title, All the King's Men, to the rest of the novel.This title is an echo of the nursery rhyme, where 'all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty together again'.The ambiguity of the narrator, Jack Burden, means that this novel is, for the most part, reluctant in its outright condemnation of a corrupt leader.As a Ph D student and whilst working for Willie, it is possible to see that this Jack was unable to fully appreciate the concepts of moral responsibility and preferred facts instead.


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