A Research Paper Is Different From An Essay Because

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I love to surround myself with words in my office or study. For example, not long ago I had a student who loved to use the word “ken.” For all I knew, she was using a man’s name. Use them on a research paper and someone will express their displeasure. You are not writing your paper to your grandma, your teacher, or your friends.

Sometimes I see words from students that I have to stop and look up in the online dictionary. Now what’s tricky about these seven is that they’re common, ordinary words that you could use in conversation, blogs or magazine articles, fiction or popular writing, and they’re actually expected and complimented. It’s your grade, sinking into the abyss, because you used one of the Seven Words You Can Never Say in an Academic Paper.) Okay here they are… I just went and beat my head against the brick wall of our back porch to relieve some of the frustration.

APA papers are the exception that this rule – refer to yourself as “I” all you want. What I mean is, never refer to yourself as “we.” Seriously? Exception: If you presenting a group project of some sort, you may certainly refer to the group is “we” in an APA paper.

The Chicago/Turabian folks still need to get a life in this regard.

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Because I also work in the world of education, I see literally thousands of words every week. Use any of these and they say some things about you that you may not want to be said. Count the stars in the sky if you can, and you’ll see how many papers I have read that start with something like, “Have you ever wondered…” Okay I’m back.

Not only do they communicate, but your choice of words reveals a lot about you – sometimes things you may not want someone to see or think. use the words “you,” “your,” “yourself” or any other member of the “second person” family in formal writing.


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