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Plot- [For the Plot] The novel has no central plot line; it's told by Nomi's personal experience and doesn't follow a consecutive order. When she speaks about the Mennonites and how they're the most embarrassing type of people to belong to when you're a teenager,she describes the event of how Menno Simons came up with his ''religion thing'' and ended up with a Mennonite community. Middle They're considered to be realistic and relate to characters found in the real world.Ray nickel is one of the main characters that brought my attention, when he left nomi a note before he disappeared, he said that he wanted to leave before she did so he doesn't get hurt ,and to give her the freedom to do whatever she wanted too. Do you find that having a broader readership influences your writing in any way?

I have "spleens-a-plenty" so by all means you're welcome to as many of mine as you need.

TM: Have you had enough of people not seeing the difference between your work and your life?

Lessons learned from Isolation in A Complicated Kindness and The Catcher in the Rye Love, sex and drugs; the few things that affect teenagers as they transition to adults.

When becoming an adult there is a realization that one can no longer depend on their parents and there are overwhelming responsibilities such as going to school and getting the job.

The characters I was interested in developing were closer to my urban and travel experiences and as a result, ended up manifesting themselves in the same ways.

TM: I was told that to be a great writer, read, read, read, and live a life worthy of writing about.

I have always wondered, when you're a huge success, and with all of the things necessary to properly support a book, it must be difficult to retain the perspective you had starting out as a writer.

Do you feel pressure to ignore the marketing, to be able to retain the writer? I don't now, and never have understood the business end of writing. I understand the necessity of it but also can't wait for it to end so I can get back to work.

Introduction Intro-- [The book I did was "A complicated Kindness" by Miriam Toews] Sixteen year old Nomi Nickel lives with her dad Ray Nickel in a small Mennonite town talks about her life after the disappearance of her sister followed by her mother.

I really enjoyed reading a complicated kindness, it was a great book because its not like most books ive read where the good guy kills the bad guy;but because it was personal and there wasn't a huge plot or anything.


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