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And that third confirmation that the ‘80s are alive and well, particularly fashion-wise?That appeared in the Times just six months ago, in April, 2016.(But not, for the record, longer than Duran Duran’s career, which is still going relatively strong.) A fondness for the era of synth-pop first emerged like clockwork, right on America’s usual nostalgia schedule: roughly 20 years after the ‘80s ended.

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TV shows like Freaks and Geeks, showing up a tad early to the party in 1999, the inevitable That ‘80s Show, and Everybody Hates Chris flashed back to what, in the new millennium, now qualified as the wonder years.

The time-traveling powers of the digital era — which, thanks to You Tube and other internet rabbit holes, have given pop-culture nostalgia even more room to run rampant — disrupted the every-20-years cycle that used to be the standard. In the late ‘90s and ‘00s, we had ‘80s Revival 1.0, which generally celebrated the decade as one big awesome ‘80s prom of over-moussed hair and Flock of Seagulls flashbacks.

Now we have ‘80s Revival 2.0, which recognizes more fully the impact and historical significance of an era once viewed mostly through a fluorescent neon lens.

The 80s Are the Thing Now.” “Don’t You Forget About Me!

The Formerly Irredeemable ’80s Return.” Those are three headlines from three different New York Times trend pieces written at three different points over the past two decades.


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